The Resource The Renaissance, the Reformation and the rise of nations, Andrew C. Fix, (sound recording)

The Renaissance, the Reformation and the rise of nations, Andrew C. Fix, (sound recording)

The Renaissance, the Reformation and the rise of nations
The Renaissance, the Reformation and the rise of nations
Statement of responsibility
Andrew C. Fix
Lectures delivered by Professor Andrew C. Fix of Indiana University at Bloomington tracing the course of European history from the mid fourteenth century to the early eighteenth century
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Lecturer: Andrew C. Fix
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The Renaissance, the Reformation and the rise of nations, Andrew C. Fix, (sound recording)
  • Compact discs
  • 48 lectures on 24 discs; extra disc is Sample CD
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4 course guidebooks (22 cm.)
Capture and storage technique
analog electrical storage
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  • The history of Florence
  • The Italian state system
  • The age of discovery
  • Inflation and new monarchy
  • Renaissance art
  • pt. 2.
  • The church on the eve of the Reformation
  • The church on the eve continued
  • Northern humanism
  • Martin Luther
  • pt. 1.
  • The Reformation begins
  • The progress of the Reformation in Germany
  • German politics and society
  • Imperial politics and international war
  • The Reformation beyond Germany-- Zwingli
  • The radical Reformation
  • The radical Reformation continued
  • Calvin and Calvinism --
  • Crisis of the 14th century
  • The Hundred Years War and the church in crisis
  • The origins of the Italian Renaissance
  • The birth of civic humanism
  • Humanist thought
  • Renaissance Florence
  • Florentine politics and society
  • The course of the revolt
  • The Thirty Years War
  • Climax of war
  • The 17th century-- crisis and transition
  • Economic change in the 17th century
  • pt. 4.
  • The rise of absolutism in France
  • Louis XIV
  • Absolutism in Germany
  • The Spanish monarchy
  • pt. 3.
  • The Dutch republic
  • Constitutional monarchy in England
  • The English Civil War
  • Cromwell and the glorious revolution
  • The scientific revolution-- the old science
  • Preparing for change
  • The revolution under way
  • The early enlightenment 1680-1715
  • The English Reformation
  • The birth of Anglicanism
  • The Catholic counter-reformation
  • Loyola and the Society of Jesus
  • Religious politics and religious war
  • Religious war in France 1562-98
  • The Dutch revolt
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4 3/4 in. or 12 cm. diameter
25 sound discs
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plastic with metal
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digital recording
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sound disc
1.4m. per second (discs)
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